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IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption Approval Letter

Who We Are

Summit Community Gardens (SCG) was originally started as a way to provide spaces for people to grow their own fresh food locally. Five years later, with a new Board of Directors and a dedicated Executive Director, Garden Manager and Assistant Garden Manager, the organization is transitioning into the new phase of its development, while recently acquiring its own 501c3 status.

This transition is a natural evolution from SCG’s original mission and is based on insight we learned from the community at large. Through our own custom research the public asked us to provide not just garden space, but also a place where adults and children can learn more about gardening and experience the best a garden has to offer.

Based on this new insight from our community, SCG will provide education and support on the importance of gardening within the general community. This message is especially important for children. As the obesity epidemic continues in this country and as people lose the connection with the food they eat, this education becomes essential for people to develop a healthy diet and understand the importance of proper gardening practices and growing food in a conscientious way. Gardening is also gaining in popularity, as it is becoming a form of recreation among the Baby Boomer generation. It provides a low impact way for this demographic to stay active with less risk of injury.

In short, SCG will create opportunities for the community to gather, learn and grow as regular programming will include events to bring the community together, classes on garden education and places where people can grow their own food.

Program Cornerstone

The cornerstone of the program is the creation and operation of the Community Garden not far from the previous community garden near Matt Knoop Park. In partnership with the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, an organization with a like-minded mission as SCG and who will build and maintain the garden hardscape, SCG will provide operational expertise including garden maintenance, educational programs, community events and manage the community plots. In short, SCG will provide an expertly maintained garden people can enjoy, classes where they can learn how to do it themselves and rent garden plots so they can practice what they learn. At the same time, BR will ensure all paths, fences and structures are also expertly maintained to optimize the garden experience.

And not only will the community benefit from the beauty of the garden and the educational opportunities, but the food that is grown in the demonstration garden will be donated to at-need members of our community.

A non-profit organization

Summit Community Gardens is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.

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