2017 Kids’ Gardening Camp Registration Opens April 1st!


How would you like your child spending time outdoors while learning about nature, gardening and growing healthy food? If you answered yes, than our gardening camp is perfect for you and your family this class 3
The kids’ gardening camp at our community garden is held in conjunction with Basin Recreation and will run from 9-11am for 4 weeks during the summer. They will be held on June 19-23, July 17-21, July 31-Aug 4 and Aug 7-11. They are recommended for children age 7 – 12 years old. Each weeklong camp will only cost $90 per child. Each week can be signed up for individually.

Our camps can also be paired up with an afternoon Basin Recreation camp to make this a full day for your child. Just sign up for our camp along with an afternoon camp and your child will be at our garden in the morning and brought to the Basin Recreation afternoon camp of your choice. There will be a small transportation fee of $5/day.

Children will learn about a different gardening theme each week with hands-on gardening activities – working in the garden, completing nature crafts, listening to stories and singing songs.

Here is a brief description of the different themes being offered:

Creepy Crawly Critters – June 19 – 23, 9a-11a
Kids will explore the world of insects, arachnids and worms. They will look at habitats and learn how these organisms survive in the garden.

Day 1: Holy-Moly Roly-Poly
Day 2: Wiggling Worms
Day 3: Insect Inspection
Day 4: Sweet Honey Bees
Day 5: Arachnids are Everywhere

Seeds Are Sneaky – July 17 – 21, 9a-11a
Children in this class will discover what is inside a seed. The kids will go on a seed hunt, plants seeds and look at the sneaky way that seeds move around.

Day 1: Let’s Plant a Seed
Day 2: We Eat Seeds
Day 3: What’s Inside a Seed
Day 4: Seed Sort/ Make Seed Envelopes
Day 5: Going on a Seed Hunt

Nature is Full of Art – July 31 – Aug 4, 9a-11a
In this class the kids will look for patterns in nature, create sculptures from the natural world and paint with flowers. Join us for a new way of interacting with the natural world.

Day 1: Let’s Make a Flower Press
Day 2: Garden Journal
Day 3: Flower Impressions
Day 4: Garden Games
Day 5: Nature’s Wind Chimes

Harvest Happenings – Aug 7 – 11, 9a-11a
Harvest time is a busy time in the garden. Children will learn how to pick veggies from the garden for delicious taste treats. They learn what pats of the plants we eat and create projects that celebrate the harvest bounty.

Day 1: Plant Part Snacks
Day 2: Sunflower Measure-Up
Day 3: Veggie Harvest
Day 4: Garlic Goodness
Day 5: Hang Out the Herbs



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