Stand Up * Shine Love * Give Back

We are so grateful that SoulRise Tribe will be shining their love and giving back 20% of their profits from items sold at the Park City Whole Foods.   

Established in 2016, the company was destined to promote unity and empowerment while giving back.  All of their clothing is organic, eco-friendly, ethically made in the USA and 100% good vibes.  20% of all profits from the Park City Whole Foods will be donated to Summit Community Gardens.


The name SoulRise Tribe is new; you might be familiar with their products under the Unity brand.  Why the switch?  Alex (founder and creator) wanted explore a little further in capturing a name that, not only represents our connection w/ others, but a connection WITHIN OURSELVES.  It starts there.

When we empower our ‘SOULS’ to shine fearlessly by being our best & true selves, we can then ‘RISE’ up and stand unapologetically in our own light... our light then ignites others around us w/ love, warmth & beauty - just like the sun🌞.  Giving ourselves the freedom of self-love & kindness makes it that much more effortless to shine the same goodness toward others... unity.🌎🌿🤝

The designs on our clothing have always empowered the tribe w/ truth, and since we are organic & eco-friendly, we are pushing to really connect that beauty of empowerment w/ the beauty of nature and Mother Earth.  You will see a lot of this in our next line.  We think of ourselves as free spirits who wander this life looking for adventure, peace, love & connection.

Welcome to the SOULRISE TRIBE.