Community Garden Plot 2020

Reserve your plot today! Plots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The standard plot will be approximately 4’ by 16’.

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Volunteer Waiver

Each community gardener contributes a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer hours to assist in the maintenance of the common areas. No time to complete these hours? No problem, purchase a “Volunteer Waiver” for $80.

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Additional Donation
from 35.00

Get ahead of the game and donate early to the gardens as part of Live PC Give PC!

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High Altitude Gardening Kit

Extend the growing season with our High Altitude Season Extender Kit. The kit includes hoops, light row cover to protect against bugs and strong winds, and heavy frost cloth to protect your crops up to 8’ F.

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Agribon Row Cover (AG-19) 6.5' x 18'

This row cover is designed for insect control and light frost protection and is sized perfectly for your SCG community garden plot.

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Agribon Frost Cloth (AG-70) 6.5' x 18'

Want to get started before our last frost date (June 21!)? Or keep harvesting past our first frost date (Sept 4!)? You will need Frost Cloth. This extra-heavy row cover protects your garden from late spring frost damage and unseasonably low temperatures.

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5-Foot Hoops - Set of 5

Hoops can be used with row cover or frost cloth to protect your garden.

Items purchased will be available for pick up at the garden on opening day.

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Gardening Organically

Summit Community Gardens is committed to organic gardening and requires the same from our gardeners. The use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides is not allowed.  A garden plot is a commitment of time and constant effort.  You should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week during the season.

Reserving and Renewing Your Garden Plot

  • Assignment of garden plots will be on a first come, first serve basis. The standard plot will be approximately 4’ by 16’.

  • The plot fee of $95 is due in full before October 31st to reserve your plot for the following season.

  • Community gardeners must volunteer a minimum of 8 hours each season. If you cannot make this commitment, you can purchase a “Volunteer Waiver.”

  • Gardeners who fulfill all of the necessary requirements, including plot maintenance, meeting attendance, volunteer hours, and behavior expectations, may renew their same plot for the following season.

Benefits and Rewards

Community gardening is popular and fun in Park City, and the extra responsibilities really just become a labor of love! While you can look forward to fresh flowers and veggies, you can also learn about your community and neighborhood, make new friends, connect with nature, learn new gardening skills, gain leadership experience, participate in garden potlucks and events, and access to Summit Community Gardens' workshops, as well as be a part of securing green space in your community.