Community Garden Plot 2019

Reserve your plot today! Also, please consider an additional donation when you sign up for your plot. Summit Community Gardens is funded entirely through plot rentals, donations, and grants. We are so grateful for your continued support to meet our goals of inspiring, empowering, and educating the community on the importance of organic gardening.

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Participating in a Community Garden

A community garden is a shared space. Gardeners not only take care of their own garden plots, but they also maintain common areas in the garden.  Your involvement will ensure a vibrant, safe, and bountiful garden environment, inspiring the entire community. With your help, Summit Community Gardens will be a thriving space to gather, learn, and grow.

Gardening Organically

Summit Community Gardens is committed to organic gardening and requires the same from our gardeners. The use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides is not allowed. 

Maintaining Your Garden Plot

A garden plot is a commitment of time and constant effort.  You should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week during the season.

Reserving and Renewing Your Garden Plot

  • Assignment of garden plots will be on a first come, first serve basis. The standard plot will be approximately 4’ by 16’.

  • The plot fee of $95 is due in full before October 31st to reserve your plot for the following season.

  • Gardeners who fulfill all of the necessary requirements, including plot maintenance, meeting attendance, volunteer hours, and behavior expectations, may renew their same plot for the following season.

Benefits and Rewards

Despite the extra responsibilities, community gardening is popular! While you can look forward to fresh flowers and veggies, you can also learn about your community and neighborhood, make new friends, connect with nature, learn new gardening skills, gain leadership experience, participate in garden potlucks and events, and access to Summit Community Gardens' workshops, as well as be a part of securing green space in your community.